The IM Squonk2 Data Manager


the Informatics Matters Data Manager (DM) is a service that allows registered users to make Datasets and associated Metadata available to Applications and Jobs using Projects and Files.

The DM relies on additional services provided by an authentication system (Keycloak) and the Informatics Matters Account Server, which is used to authorise and charge for the management and use of Projects, Datasets, Applications and Jobs.

The early design of the service used the term Data Tier so this and the term Data Manager are synonymous.



The DM is multi-container application that’s deployed into a Kubernetes cluster using an associated Ansible Role that can be found in our squonk2-data-manager-ansible peer project.

It offers an API via REST intended to be used by customers, applications and our dedicated UI.


The API provides Users (and IM Administrators) with the ability to: -

  • Create Projects (Using an AS Product)

  • Create Datasets

  • Run Applications and Jobs (Instances) on Files in Projects

  • Manage Users that can also contribute to (and edit) Projects and Datasets